What is Napkin Theology?

Napkin Theology provides Christian education products that promote great conversations. Because a picture can be worth a thousand words, Napkin Theology attempts to use simple images to communicate great truths.
Stanley J. Ward began Napkin Theology as a way to teach students in his Biblical Worldview classes. Stan hopes that pastors and other Christian educators will use the videos in sermons, small groups, and at camps. But above all, Napkin Theology is meant as a tool to help Christians better understand and communicate their faith, using simply a napkin and a pen.

Not all of the illustrations are Stan’s original work; some are adapted from other sources.

Who is Stanley J. Ward?

Stanley J. Ward is the Biblical Worldview Director at The Brook Hill School in Bullard, TX. He is also a freelance writer and frequent conference speaker. Stan loves a good story, and is currently writing his PhD dissertation on storytelling as a leadership tool.

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If you want an engaging speaker for your next event, someone who uses stories and illustrations to communicate great truths – simplifying them without making them simplistic, then please contact Stan: stan AT stanleyjward DOT com.

Stan speaks at a variety of conferences, with topics ranging from retelling Biblical stories (for both kids and adults) to discussions on theology, C. S. Lewis, and parenting.

Stan’s Talks:

  • C. S. Lewis: Surprised by Joy
  • C. S. Lewis: Screwtape Letters
  • C. S. Lewis: The Great Divorce
  • Parenting from a Biblical Worldview
  • Developing a Godly Vision for Your Family
  • Storytelling: The Life of Daniel
  • Storytelling: The Book of Judges (also on CD!)
  • Storytelling: The Life of Jesus
  • Storytelling: Dragons’ Tales
  • Storytelling: Abraham’s Faith Journey
  • How to Learn and Retell Biblical Stories